About the BHAS Disability Living Allowance guides

About the Disability Living Allowance guides

Many people who have physical or mental health conditions, but who don't consider themselves disabled, could be claiming Disability Living Allowance.

The guides:

They are full of useful tips, like:

Many thousands of copies of the mental health guide have been downloaded since it was published in March 2001 and it is widely used by advice agencies throughout the UK. The physical health guide was published on March 1st 2002 (and we hope that it will prove as useful).

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Disability Living Allowance renewal claims

Some Disability Living Allowance awards are for an indefinite period, but most last for a fixed period: three years for example. The letter you receive informing you that you have been awarded DLA also tells you what period the award covers. Before your award runs out you should receive a renewal claim pack. You will need to complete and return this or your award will stop.

The Disability Handbook

The Disability Handbook is produced by medical staff at Department of Work and Pensions, (formerly the DSS) and is used by decision makers and Medical Services doctors when considering claims for Disability Living Allowance and Attendance Allowance. It tells them, 'in general terms, what care and mobility needs can be expected to arise from different medical conditions'.  

Many people feel that the Disability Handbook takes an over-optimistic view of the likely speed and extent of recovery from various conditions and of the beneficial effects of drugs and other treatments. You can download the chapter on mental health from the link below. 

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Go to the full Disability Handbook on the DWP website, where you can download further chapters or the entire 268 page handbook.

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