Disability living allowance five minute physical health test for children

Step 1

Look through this list of some (but not all) of the activities that are relevant to DLA:

Step 2

Choose one of the activities above that your child has difficulties with.

For example, your child may have difficulties with walking because of fatigue; dressing and undressing because of pain and stiffness; going to the toilet because of diarrhoea and soreness around the anus or sleeping because of distressing bouts of coughing and breathlessness.

Step 3

With your chosen activity in mind answer the following true or false questions If your child's condition is a variable one, so the answer is sometimes True and sometimes False then the answer is True. (We explain how to deal with fluctuating conditions in our downloadable guide).

My child can do it:

Step 4

If you haven't answered True to any of the questions, try the test again with another activity from the list and so on, until you've found a statement that is true or decided that there aren't any.

Step 5

If the answer is True to any of those questions in relation to any activity then your child may be entitled to DLA. Whether they are actually eligible for Disability Living Allowance, and at what rate, will depend on how many activities they have problems with and which ones they are. Download a copy of the children's physical health guide for details of how to make a claim.  If the answer wasn’t true to any of the questions it doesn’t mean your child is definitely not eligible for Disability Living Allowance, you should try to get advice from one of the agencies listed in the Getting help section.

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