Management Committee


East Bristol Advice Services seeks new management committee members.

We are always pleased to welcome new members to our management committee.

You may be:

We welcome committee members who bring different skills and experiences. We are particularly interested in people who have experience of long term health conditions either themselves or as carers. We are also interested in people who might have skills in the area of organisational management, financial management, working in a voluntary organisation or working in an organisation that does a similar type of work to ourselves. You may have used such a service or been a carer for someone who has.
You may be enthusiastic about helping us out or doing something you’ve never done before. We can organise training, so you can develop skills useful to the organisation and hopefully to yourself. We will also be able to pay any expenses you incur whilst giving up some of your time for our benefit.

The next step:

Email us at: and we can send you further information to help you make a decision. We can also arrange for a committee member to talk to you about what committee membership might be like

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