FEEDBACK from 2005

" I realised that I could actually claim! I never knew I could before, and thought that even if I were eligible I'd have to be MUCH worse than I was.  I would never have been able to fill in the form if it were not for your incredibly detailed guide. I recommended it to a friend and printed it out for her, she took it to the disability services at Southampton uni, and as a result they are now using your guides to help people fill in their forms!"

"Your site is fantastic.  I was really, really worried about filling in the forms and then I found this wonderful site."

"Just wanted to let you know that I think that your DLA info pack is excellent, well done! I have completed lots of DLA forms in my time and think this is a great guide for helping new workers assist clients, and to help individuals understand the process and work though forms themselves."

"I would like to thank you for publishing your guide to AA on the Internet.  It is such a good publication, and I wouldn't have realised from the forms themselves the level of detail it was necessary to go into.  I have heard today that both my parents have been successful with their claim on their first attempt and I'm sure it's down to the way we filled in the applications with your help.  Many thanks"

"Found the site very helpful. Wish I had known about before filling in the forms."

"Excellent! I have used this site many times as an advisor for the Citizens Advice Bureaux - where it is used regularly."

"I work for the DWP - I know how difficult it is to claim DLA and how non user-friendly the forms are!  I have met customers who have had their claim turned down, when they are obviously eligible!  Your info and guidance will come in really useful for my clients and for myself when giving advice!"  AO DWP Jobcentre Plus
 "It has made a real difference to me. Since discovering the site and downloading the information we have increased the levels of DLA for our clients and it has given us a better understanding of the forms and we in turn have used this to help our clients. This is by far the most useful and informative document we have come across.  I never complete a DLA form without having it beside me, it is so user friendly, I have passed on the website and the information to many of my colleagues.  I cannot praise the service enough."  Support worker Durham County Council

"BRILLIANT! I have been awarded lower level DLA.  Any other comments: Your site was immensely helpful. I knew I was a genuine case but no help whatever has been forthcoming from DSS etc. I could not have had such a successful outcome without the information provided by your site. Thank you."

"I have used the DLA guides numerous times and without a doubt they have helped in making successful claims.  A lot of people I help always comment "I would never have thought of writing that on the forms".  The guides are excellent." Welfare Rights Assistance - Angus Council

"Following an injury at work I followed your advice on how to complete form to the letter.  Unfortunately I had a very unhelpful doctor visit resulting in my claim being totally rejected.  However, I then followed your advice on Appeals and yesterday was successful in that Appeal. Thanks very much for the excellent information your site provided." 

"This site and downloads have helped many families understand the forms for DLA and what is actually meant by some of the questions. Without doubt some would have been refused if they hadn't read this download. Brilliant tool and comprehensive." Family support worker for families with special needs children

"Lower rate care DLA both at first attempt. This site gave me the confidence to apply as I had experienced so much prejudice in the past and the majority of my contacts with CFS/ME had failed at their attempts to secure DLA. I discovered this site on a google search. I have had CFS/ME for at least 11 years, with the help of your site my first claim for DLA was successful plus I have now secured a blue badge after 3 years of unsuccessful attempts by other means. This has changed my life so much as I can get out more with the additional funding and do not have to worry as much that I will be unable to access a parking space. Before I often had to return home as I only have finite energy. Your website/information definitely made all the difference in the worst form filling experience I have ever experienced.  Thank you." 

"Oh how I wish I had seen this web site before I filled in the form for my daughter. She has been on DLA, for at least 4 years, and I get carers allowance.  She is almost 16 so we had to fill in a new form, and the personal care has dropped from middle to lower level. I looked at your web site for advice on appealing. Any way your web site is very helpful, and if I had seen it sooner I don’t think her DLA would have gone down, lets hope it helps with the appeal"

"Yes I have read and understood that I could get help, it is a good site and explains a lot of detail so that you wont waste time applying if you know that you are not eligible."

"After 10 years + of mental illness my son was awarded DLA a few short months ago.  He is 32 and lives at home and I his mum now receive carer’s allowance (myself having retired early for health reasons ... all related to 10 yrs of caring, but just not able to 'do it all' anymore, especially after caring for and then bereavement at loss of my Mum).  ~The DLA has changed his life, and helped us his ma and pa, and all the comments on your site have so helped me to know for certain the huge untold benefit DLA is. My son always tried on his income/incapacity support to help as much as he could but with DLA he feels he can pay his way in the home, save and contribute that way too... yes a lifesaver, another positive step, and your hugely helpful Website must keep going!! "
"Found your guidelines invaluable. Helped me to really think about the limitations to my lifestyle which I had become used to and structured my answers more easily. It was like having a supporter there with me while I was filling in the form. Took a lot of the really tiring work out of the exercise. THANK YOU!"

"An essential point of reference for those daunted and confused by the nightmare that is the "Disability Living Allowance" application form.

Thanks for the immense help provided by your "Claiming Disability Living Allowance for adults with mental health problems". I suffer from depression and it highlighted many aspects of my life where I really need help. The format is wonderfully organised. As a result I have obtained lower rate mobility and highest rate care components of Lathe form would have been impossible to understand with your form (and help from the CAB) "

"I was successful in my claim for benefits.  I had to appeal twice before but on this occasion, after using your guidelines, I was successful. The guide was a great help to me, I was able to work through my claim form methodically using your guidelines and it covered everything I needed.
My first claim was refused, I had to appeal and then go before a tribunal before receiving DLA for 3 years.  My next claim was at a lower level and I had to appeal before I was successful.
This time, using your guidelines, I have been given the level of DLA that I am due, for two years.  I will be using this site again and advising anyone I know making a claim to use it too." 

"Excellent, explained in easy to understand English, how to answer every question. "

"Would like to say that your form for filling in the DLA claim pack on the grounds of mental health was fantastic. I care for my partner who became ill at the beginning of last year. We somehow filled the form out successfully, we now have had to redo it as it runs out in March next year. It was not something we were looking forward to. Your guide gave us so much information and it made the form easier to understand and get to grips with. I myself have a support worker who is with the Rethink group and I will pass the web address on to her so that she can put it in the bimonthly newsletter so other carers can make use of it to. Once again thank you for this information it's been invaluable to us."

"Your information was extremely helpful; I have a daughter and sister with mobility problems who have both been turned down DLA in the past I will be claiming for them again! Also helps me to help a friend who has severe mental health problems. Thank you so much. And it was free!!!  Keep up the good work"

"I have been asked to support a family making a DLA claim for the first time.  Any other comments: Benefit guides especially DLA is fantastic - whish I had found it sooner!"  Local Area Coordinator, Aberdeenshire Council

"It helped me so much with the new DLA claim form especially where they might `trip' me up, like why don’t you use a commode and so on.  I haven’t had reply yet but expect to have to appeal, I always have had.  Thank you so much. I'll be using your site again to appeal if I have to and in future years."

"Didn't realise I was eligible before looking at your site. Thank you - brilliant site and hope you continue to get funding."

"Your guide was great. Easy to follow.  Great 'tips' on how to use the correct language to describe the effects of the illness honestly but in a way that reflects the difficulties individuals have with daily living tasks"

"As a trainer at the CAB the guides have proved to be a valuable asset both in guiding the generalist advisers and as a template for training trainees. The quick step guides are extremely useful for the advisers to go through with the clients and often trigger questions that they may not have initially thought of to ask. Very well put together."

 "I am a mental health social worker in Berkshire. I have found your guide invaluable in completing DLA application forms for my clients. The guide is very clear and accessible to service users. I know many of my colleagues use the guide frequently. Mental health social worker
This site was invaluable in giving me the information I required to fill in the application form. The DLA application was dealt with promptly and resulted in my son getting the middle rate of DLA. Due to the advice from the guide I was able to provide enough information and evidence that a decision could be made without further delay"

"Thank you so much for your excellent site. I have had to fill in the nightmare of A DLA form on behalf of my daughter, and found your information invaluable. Thank you so much"

"Claim turned down, went to appeal and won using your appeal guide.  We are so grateful for your guides.  We would have been at a total loss without them, they helped us answer questions at the appeal in such a way, they had no choice but to make the award!  Sister of applicant"

"I have just spent hours filling in the DLA forms with the aid of your guide, and I wanted to say a sincere thank you as your information makes the difference between getting what I might be entitled to or missing out great gobs of relevant info – I didn’t think was relevant
A big thank you!"

"Wish I had found your site 2 1/2 years ago, I re married and had problems with work and my two step children - to cut a long story short I spent 19 months off sick with stress and depression and the children (which we now get dla for) eventually diagnosed with aspergers and one with adhd. I tried DIAL but did not get any help and became reluctant to ask for help.I think your site is brilliant and only wished I lived in your area"

"Your reports reminded me to include things which I see as normal but aren’t. The reports helped me to organise my answers to the questions and was although filing in the form was a huge ordeal, the reports helped to make it a bit easier."

"My wife was refused DLA in July 2004. We followed what we believed to be the correct procedures asking for review and also asked for an appeal hearing. The appeal hearing sounded quite a daunting experience, trying to explain to total strangers in 15 - 20 minutes why you should be receiving DLA. While waiting for the appeal date and surfing the Internet I was lucky to find your site. The information I found for filling in the DLA form with the examples was excellent, as was the section on the appeal process itself. We provided the appeal service with more information, in the form of annex to the original DLA form. Given to the panel to review before the actual appeal interview. We also included a letter from my wife giving EXACT details of how her life has changed since becoming ill. Difficulties eating, talking, how she feels and how her life has been totally changed. Also we obtained a letter from her doctor to use as additional medical evidence to take to the appeal panel. [Though we didn't need to use the additional medical evidence, as you will see.] 10 minutes before we were leaving home to travel there, the appeal service telephoned us to advise that they had conceded our appeal by majority decision (there are 3 members on the panel) and that the DLA would be backdated. This would be medium rate for care and low rate for mobility. Result!! I will be passing your site details onto the McMillan Cancer care nurses (another excellent organization) who helped complete the original DLA form because I think they will also find it very informative. Couldn't have done it without your help. Thank you so much."

"I’d just like to thank you for an excellent piece of work.  The DLA forms are an absolute nightmare to fill, the guide is easy to follow and made the whole process less daunting.  The advice is invaluable.  Thank you very much indeed."

"I am currently completing the guide for my mum and I did start it before I found your guide but having read the guide I have started again - I'm pretty sure I wouldn't have written enough to be eligible for anything on my first attempt. The questions you ask for each section are really useful - my mum answered yes to pretty much every one but before I was using the guide it was just so difficult (especially for her) to think how mental health problems were causing difficulties. The other particularly useful bit was the introduction - to start with my mum did not see her condition as a disability but after going through the parts 'Am I eligible', '2 minute test' and 'Should I claim' I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering making a DLA claim."

"Thank you for taking the time to explain things, I suffer from depression and find just filling in forms very hard. Thank you for helping to make it easier. It feels like someone understands"

"I have recommended this site to many as I think the advice you give is incredible. If only people read the guides before claiming, I think a lot of stress would be avoided.  Many thanks"

"I started out looking for myself, then realised both my in laws should also claim Attendance Allowance. The information given is very supportive, and makes it clear that they are ENTITLED, and that it is DUE TO THEM as their rights. Particularly helpful when people are proud, and do not wish to feel they are asking for a "handout" or "charity". This website gives the clear, simple and accurate information that should be made available to every person in the country. Please try to make it accessible as widely as possible."

"I stumbled on your site by accident. I am very knowledgeable on DLA, but my partner finds it very hard to understand all the legal criteria involved. However, I am incredibly impressed with your website and information given in such a way as to make the claimant feel that they do have a chance. He has been put off previously but is convinced with your assistance he may win the day.
Thank you so much. Perhaps you could teach the DSS some tricks! You truly deserve an award for your informative help and in depth information made so simple."

"Thank you so much for the step-by-step - page-by-page description on how to complete the minefield that is the DLA application form. Our clients, I am sure are just as grateful". CAB Advisor

"I had been sick with worry awaiting the arrival of my renewal pack. Finding your guides has been an absolute godsend for me: such clear, concise advice helped me to approach the forms in a much more organised way. Most importantly they helped me to think straight and stopped me from panicking. Thank you so very much.
It helped me understand what the decision makers are looking for and to help others to complete their forms. Excellent information, well explained through the examples, invaluable tool, thank you."  Trainee Generalist Advisor CAB

"I downloaded your Attendance Allowance guide for my mother who knew nothing about it.  Using your guide she applied and was soon awarded the allowance. The guide was excellent.  My mother found it straightforward to follow and was awarded Attendance Allowance as a result.  I have passed the details of your guides on to several friends who also have elderly relatives.  They have also found them useful."

"Guides are really clear and easy to read, written in language that's easy to understand. Showed me that my condition is one that is eligible to claim - I always thought DLA was only for physical disabilities. Maybe soon I won't have to struggle financially anymore - we can but hope!!"

"Reading the information you have on filling out the forms for DLA gave me the confidence to fill in the form and see what happens..... I have already had 2 attempts at completing the forms in the last year to no avail until I read your guide... so whether the application for DLA is successfully or not I want to say thanks for the advice as I would never of completed a full DLA form and sent it in....fantastic easy to and follow guide.... there should be more like this on all benefits available...thank you ..."

"I have just visited your site for the first time and was amazed at the info you supply
I only wish I had known about it before I sent in my sons most recent claim form I am going to appeal against a decision they have made and have rang the Autism help line and received some useful information from them which included details of your website. As a mental health support team we use the dla guides on a regular basis and they do help enormously.... thank you"

"I was aware that claiming DLA can be complicated and needs appropriate knowledge on how to complete applications effectively. The site has given me confidence to assist a client. The information appears thorough, well laid out and is easy to understand."  Support worker

"Filled in DLA form using this site as a guide, but they spoke to the wrong doctor. Turned down for DLA. Ask them to look at it again also lodged an appeal. So after 6 months have been awarded middle rate care and higher rate mobility. Any other comments: Found the site very helpful as I may have given up at various stages. The DLA claim form very hard to fill in without help. Getting refused DLA and not knowing what to do next without the help from this site. Thank you all"

"Your site made it (relatively) easy to fill in the form at my own pace and guided me in a way that made my chances of success greater.

I was interested to read you don’t have to be disabled, just have long term health problems. I have appealed against the decision that I don't qualify. Reading this site has given me more information."

"On the advice of a social worker friend I downloaded your guides to claiming. After two reconsiderations, I received middle rate care allowance and higher rate mobility.
Using your guides was really useful as I could fill in the form a bit at a time.  I had a nice helper from DWP (an ex-nurse who was medical-term-literate, and she received DLA herself) but she could only help me in concentrated bursts of half an hour. I am fuzzy minded and can't guarantee when I'll be able to concentrate.   So working through your guides a bit at a time when I felt up to it was useful.  I had claimed unsuccessfully about five years ago and I'm sure the lack of success was due to lack of guidance."

"I still didn't realise that the department would assume I was lying. I present as intelligent and capable because that's the way I used to be.  It was only when the letter from my orthopaedic consultant caught up with the claim that I suddenly received this avalanche of money!!
I find it interesting that DWP are awarding DLA on evidence of my arthritis, whereas I suffer more disability from the fibromyalgia and the depression is more life-threatening.
I found DWP staff helpful and understanding throughout.  Even the doctor was nice, although he arrived 3/4 of an hour early before my daughter came to help me.I didn't know about the reconsideration process, and found this very useful.  I couldn't have stood the stress of appealing."

"I found the guide for DLA very useful and when I receive my claim pack I will refer back to it for helpful hints.  By firstly acknowledging that you have a mental health problem is very difficult in the first, it has taken me a long time to get to this point in my life without feeling guilty about asking for help. I feel the DLA (if successful) will enable me to reduce my stresses financially therefore making my life more valuable.  Thanks again for your help."

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