Your feedback can make a big difference as to whether we continue to receive funding. We want to know how useful people have found the website. Also it is something potential funders are interested in. Please answer as many of the questions below as you feel able to.

We like to publish some feedback & comments on our website, If we use your feedback we will only print your first name and date e.g. 'John 15.9.04'.

If you contact us in your working capacity, for example as a social worker, we'd like to include your work title and place of work if possible.

Give your Feedback below:

  1. Are you visiting this site for information:
    for yourself
    for a friend or relative
    in connection with your work

    another reason. Please explain in the box:

  2. What are
  3. What guides have you used:

    DLA - physical health (adult)
    DLA - mental health (adult)
    DLA - physical health (child)
    DLA - mental health (child)
    DLA appeals
    Work & Benefits for people with learning difficulties
    Help with your benefits
    AA - physical health
    Incapacity Benefit (PCA - mental health grounds)
  4. What were your 'outcomes' from using this site?
    For example, did this site help people realise they might be eligible for benefits; make a successful claim for benefits; appeal a decision; help someone else; deliver training or something else.
  5. Have you used a benefits advice service before?

  6. Any comments you'd like to make:

We would like to use your comments on this site and to show our funders how useful the guides are. We will not publish your full name or put your email on the web. Thank you for your feedback.


Position(if relevant):

e.g. social worker, Bristol City Council


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