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This website was redesigned, in 2004, to allow visitors to access the information we've published more easily. It uses cascading style sheet (CSS) technology to make information easier to download and viewable across more platforms (i.e. browsers, screenreaders, pda's or wap enabled phones).

By using CSS to replace traditional tables, we aim to make information more accessible with shorter download times.

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How information is organised

Main Tabs

This website has four main sections, which are the four main tabs at the top of the page (see diagram below)

site tabbed navigation - sections & subsections
diagram 1.

Main tabs (sections) explained


Each section is also divided into sub-sections, and these are seen under the main section tabs (see diagram 1).

Further links within sub-sections (side links)

Certain subsections will have further links, situated to the righthand side of the page, giving you a choice of pages where information can be found; eg in Benefits (section) there is a link to DLA (subsection) where there is a link to DLA appeals.

Site map

The sitemap will have all the pages on this website ordered in the relevant section. If you lose your way the site map will always show every page on this site.

Text links in the body text & page footer

Throughout this website we have linked relevant keywords in the bodytext to appropriate pages. They are blue and turn red and underline when you hover over them. At the footer of the page there are links to major sections of the site - they will change colour (maroon) when visited. This will give you an indication where you have been.

How to download the guides (PDF's)

PDF iconThis site uses the Adobe Acrobat PDF documents. They allow printed documents to be published on the web. Text can be magnified and text may be highlighted and notes can be attached to the document.

PDF bullet icon - shows pdfs in a list This symbol indicates a pdf in a list (click on text link next to it to go to document

Adobe Acrobat Reader logo with link to Adobe site.  There is a text link to the Adobe Acrobat site below.

Download reader from the Adobe website.


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